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How it Works

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Virtual Styling Packages

Basic Package

  • Missing Pieces Checklist

  • Feedback what pieces to let go and why

  • 10 Online Shopping Suggestions with comments

  • 10 Outfits: Includes current closet and new pieces you purchase


Complete Package

  • Missing Pieces Checklist

  • Feedback what pieces to let go and why

  • 20 Online Shopping Suggestions with comments

  • 20 Outfits: Includes current closet and new pieces you purchase


Premium Package

  • Missing Pieces Checklist

  • Feedback what pieces to let go and why

  • 30 Online Shopping Suggestions with comments

  • 30 Outfits: Includes current closet and new pieces you purchase


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Styling For Current Clients

What to wear

5 Additional Outfits

Got a new piece in your closet and want to know how to wear it? Get new looks!



What to Buy

5 Custom Suggestions 

Add a few new pieces to your wardrobe for the season or use this as a guide as to what to look for.




Seasonal Style Catalog

  • Includes 10 -15 items that are curated by stylist Tannya B. and are client approved pieces available for purchase from well known brands including J. Crew, Banana Republic, Nordstrom and more

  • Only $30 a quarter and you can cancel at anytime

"With so many shopping choices, making decisions and knowing where to go can be overwhelming. The seasonal style catalog was created to make fashion accessible, easy, and fun again. We have your go-to guide for all things that look good and feel good."


Getting Started + How it Works

1. Create Your Style Profile

Set up a profile free of charge! We want to get to know you.

2. Subscribe to Your Online Catalog

Choose from 3 Online Style Catalogs:

1. The Classics

2. On Trend

3. Men's Style List

You'll receive your catalog in January, April, July, and October

3. Shop at Your Convience

Look through the catalog, purchase all the pieces you like and try them on in the comfort of your home. Whatever doesn't work can be returned to the retailers at your own time.


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Online Catalog Descriptions

Choose from 3 different catalogs, if you need help deciding which is the best option for you, send me a message at

1. The Classics

Work in the biz casual atmosphere and need pieces that are work appropriate yet not super dressy? We share some great options that will update your look and help you create new outfits with what you already own. We also add in some great casual lifestyle pieces for comfort and basics to keep your wardrobe full of versatile items.

2. On Trend

Want to try the latest trends but want to make sure they aren't too over the top? Our stylist works with clients and finds what they feel most comfortable wearing to work, on weekends, or out and about. You'll get access to the favorites of the month.

3. Men's Style List

For the men that want to keep their wardrobe fresh without having to leave home. Order a few pieces, try them on and return whatever doesn't fit correctly, easy as that! The pieces we choose are based off of what's worked best for clients this month. Men that enjoy good style, comfort, and fit. Please keep in mind, shirt and pants can EASILY be altered. Don't shy away from a button down that could be taken in the sides a little or have the sleeves brought up. Fit is very important with menswear.



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